The Detroit Lions want players who are ready to play

Embed from Getty Images As you read the headline you probably were thinking “no kidding.” However, with no offseason workouts because of COVID-19, it is importantant the Detroit Lions get the number three pick in the draft right. Not only that but it needs to be a player who can step in a deliver.

An advantage the Detroit Lions and general manager Bob Quinn had was that Quinn and the Lions coaching staff coached in the Senior Bowl. Giving the shutdown of most public events and gatherings this has actually turned out to be huge.

There are some very good defensive players in this draft class. That is good news for a Detroit team needing upgrades in the secondary and at edge rusher. The Lions are in a good position to make a pick or trade down and grab some extra picks.

So what is an example of a player who is and who is not NFL ready you ask? Let’s take Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons. The talented linebacker/safety has been mocked by some to the Lions. But is is an example of while a good player he would need an adjustment time. This to me makes Simmons a less likely player to he headed to Detroit.

While a player who can step in right away and help out and greatly improve the defense is a player like Ohio State defensive back Jeff Okudah. Okudah checks all of the boxes. A big defensive back, quick, will be a shut-down corner. Okudah has great hip control (which is huge for defensive backs) and is a solid tackler. This should be the Lions pick even if they slide back one or two slots.

In this years draft, general managers will be making their selections from their homes due to the current pandemic. Bob Quinn said yesterday any and all trades will be made ahead of the draft for all teams.

Quinn said he has two laptops, two cell phones, three monitors, as well as a big screen T.V for the draft. Quinn said he and the Detroit Lions coaches and scouts are ready for the 2020 draft.

Bob Quinn said as far as he understands there will be an NFL season, but is unsure what that will exactly look like at this time. But it all starts Thursday with the 2020 NFL draft.

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