My heart goes out the the 2020 high school seniors

Embed from Getty Images Many students from the 2020 high school class from across the United States entered the world shortly after 9/11. They now have had their high school career cut short due to a global pandemic. In some ways it is tragic. In some ways it is poetic.

The senior picnic or bonfire will not take place, The senior class trip? That is not taking place as well. Prom, sporting events and in all likelihood graduation as has been taking place for a very long time will at the very least look a whole lot different this May or early June.

It is a bitter disappointment meant by students, teachers, school faculties, families around the United States and I suspect around the world. Celebrations will look different as well.

We all know there are some things that are out of our control. Never giving serious thought to a pandemic. Yet here we are. There is no “I’m sorry this happened” that is going to sooth over the silent end to twelve years of school that came to a public end four weeks ago and has no proper send off.

I am happy to announce that our son who is finishing his senior year did something remarkable in the face of the world issue. We moved two years ago from an area with lived in for 17 years. That meant a new school for our two sons. That meant new faces, teachers and potential friends.

Yet, our son dug down deep and sent a teacher wide email to say that while he is sad school has ended in it’s traditional way, he was grateful for the teachers he has known a short time. He took the time to thank them not only for what they did, but what they are doing currently. Preparing assignments, tests and  essays.

Did our son have to do this? No. Not only no, but this did not come from mom or dad prompting him. It came from the heart of a champion. It came from a young man grounded in his faith and who understands he is to be a light in the darkness.

To the class’s of 2020 everywhere, my heart breaks for you all. You deserve a better send off. Yet, I truly believe this will make you better, which in turn will make our world better.

Please know, that our family stands and applauds all of you. Job well done!!!!

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