Want more peace in your life, turn off the news

Embed from Getty Images Negative news stories increase personal worry. Repeated news stories can make us feel unsafe. The news has it’s place. But understand media outlets have figured out that doom and gloom sells. But people tune in, for no good reason.

I must confess I am a news atheist. I do not watch any news including the local news. I simply chose to enjoy my life. Oh sure, I have enough people who keep me in the loop even if I do not want to be with some news stories.

I have everything I need. A weather app, traffic app and a bible. If you want news that has happy stories in it the bible is what needs to be turned on. It even has peace, something that is hard to find on T.V. news and news websites.

If I am loving God with all my heart, mind and soul and my neighbor as myself, then I do not need anything else. I am focused on being Christ to others as He shows me how.

Even if your in a routine of watching the news, STOP! For your sanity and for others. In fact, I challenge you faithful news watchers to a news fast. Start with 10 days. When you see you have time to do things you enjoy and not doing something that adds stress, fear and doubt you may choose to live a news free life.

My family enjoys our evenings. Taking walks, playing games, watching a movie. It was very quick, when we found out no news equals more peace and joy. It is my hope that more people will soon figure this out. There is so much more to life.

Choose to live in the freedom Jesus died to give you.

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