Mother’s Day 2020

Embed from Getty Images It is here, the day we pay homage to mom’s. My wife, sister-in- law, mother-in-law and my own mother are all a gift from God. I see them helping and teaching their children and it is a sight to behold. To mother’s everywhere take a bow and take a seat for a job well done.

Memories are a great thing to have. Treasured memories are a gift from God. Mother’s Day 2020 has a different feel to, there is no way around that. COVID-19 and social distancing have interfered with the Day to honor mom.

Yet, this Mother’s Day will create it’s own kind of memory. It will be difficult to forget. But even in this interesting time we need to reach out to our mother’s. Or God forbid go to the cemetery and tell your mom you love and miss her.

What I will take away from this years Mother’s Day is that my mom has trained me for what we are going through, and she probably does not realize or think so. My mom is a worrier. Yet growing up, when faced with adverse situations my mom put on a brave face. She would give sound advice. It could have come from my dad or the news. But to me it was coming from my mom.

My mom modeled how to be strong in trying times. Even if it was a facade, it was how I should and most likely would eventually react to adversity. That is the right thing to do.

Even if you are falling apart inside, show your children to be strong and courageous, that there is nothing to fear even when everything inside you is full of fear. That is my mom. That is what she has taught me.

Watching and listening to my mom over the years and now reading my bible have made me fearless. But it all started years ago with a mom who worries put on a brave face and directed me to not be like her. That is a mother’s love.

So what has your mom taught you?

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