Legendary NHL announcer Mike “Doc” Emrick retires

It is not often when a person behind a microphone is celebrated. In the case of Mike “Doc” Emrick, he of such eloquent vocabulary and an overriding love for hockey who announced Monday he was stepping down from calling NHL games is a broadcaster to be celebrated. Mr. Emrick was the very best at his craft.

At the tender age of 74, the NHL has lost it’s voice. Mike “Doc” Emrick had called games for 47 years. When he began his career Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr and Bobby Hull were still playing. Emrick would see Gordie Howe’s son Mark and Bobby Hull’s son Brett not only play but join they’re dad’s in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The same Hall of Fame where Emrick received the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for broadcasting excellence from in 2008. “Doc” also won seven  Emmy Awards for excellence in broadcasting, the only hockey broadcaster to receive one. Emrick became the first member of the media to be inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.

Mike Emrick’s resume includes 22 Stanley Cup Finals, 19 Winter Classic and Stadium Series games, 14 NHL All-Star Games and six Olympics. What has endeared Emrick to hockey fans was his unabashed wonder at the skill and courage of hockey players.

NBC and NBC Sports allowed Mike “Doc” Emrick to take a final bow in a very fitting way.

There is no way around it, Mike “Doc” Emrick will be missed. NBC Sports said that Emrick will do some video essays from time to time, which from a Detroit Red Wings and hockey fan, I along with countless others are glad to hear.


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