Among the fastest growing cities Columbus Ohio has much to offer

U. S. Census Bureau released findings that Columbus, Ohio is one of the fastest growing U. S. cities. Columbus experienced a 12.20% growth rate making it the Midwest’s fastest growing city. So what is it about the Capital City that has people moving to it? Let’s take a closer look.

Ash Cave, Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio, USA. (Photo by: Jumping Rocks/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

For starters if you are a tech person, then Columbus Ohio is the place for you. Since 2018 the city has ranked the top tech city in the country. Columbus is the #1 ranked city for startup businesses   do to the cost of doing business that is 2% lower than the national average.

The cost of living as a whole is low in Columbus. The most expensive U. S.  cities, Columbus Ohio does not come close coming it at 177. So not bad at all. Even during the global pandemic Columbus still grew.

If you are bored, it is your own fault. Music, theatre, dance, comedy, museums make the Capital City attractive. Did I mention art? Columbus has an outstanding Columbus Museum of Art.

Also there are all sorts of festivals to enjoy. Arts, Oktoberfest, jazz, sports, butterflies, food trucks, It won’t be long before a Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday (days of the week) festival pops up. I kid, but still…….

Coffee sign at north market, a popular destination for tourists in Columbus Ohio

There are all sorts of foods to be eaten. People in Columbus love their food. There are craft beers and a lot of coffee shops around the city. All of these things are drawing people to the city.

One other thing about Columbus and it is not great news. The city ranks as the third or fourth (depending where you look) worst driving cities in America. Yet, that is not stopping people from moving to Columbus.

Also there seems to always be orange barrels out. Construction is everywhere in the city. The orange barrel could easily replace the carnation as the states flower.

All in all, Columbus Ohio and it’s suburbs are a great place to live.

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