Vacations are necessary

As summer gains momentum, vacation season gains momentum. I do not know about you, but after the year we have all been through I am ready for a vacation. Just a break. Both mental and physical. I mean all things considered I am good mentally. Physically is a different story, but relax I will not bore you with the details. Vacations are more than just a break from the day to day grind, here’s why.

CHICAGO – JULY 22: High winds continue to push the waters of Lake Michigan over the base of the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois on July 22, 2019. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

No matter if you work a job and when you come home you are brain-drained or work a job that demands a lot of physical motions it is important to relax and give your body a break, for more than a regular two day weekend. The brain and body need time off to catch a break and just be.

Vacations also allow us to see another part of the location we choose. It gives us a break from the same old, same old. Sometimes the cities and suburbs we live in can seem like a four walled house. It is nice to get out and get away.

COVID 19, did not allow for social gatherings. I am not a huge fan of gathering with strangers, but maybe I will get over that and embrace what I once did not. I am not opposed to people mind you, I go to farmers markets and other events where there are people. But a different place is slightly different when being with large crowds.

When I do go on vacation I seem to always wind up on a lake or ocean or some form of body of water. Why? It is pretty simple. I find water relaxing. I swim, but I am not a huge swimmer. I sit on the beach or next to a pool and in those simple moments I find that is when I am able to relax and refocus.


As I am set to head out tomorrow on vacation, I am actually looking forward to the drive, stopping for gas and food. It is the little things that after last year I will not take for granted again.

I am looking forward to a week on the beach.

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