Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera moving to DH on the heals of “chronic changes” to his knee

Embed from Getty Images It was bound to happen sooner or later, right? Miguel Cabrera held off moving from first base to DH as long as he could.It seems time and the daily grind of playing everyday has caught up with the future Hall of Fame player.

The Detroit Tigers made the announcement last night before the Tigers took on the Tampa Bay Rays. Fans and media wondered how Cabrera would respond. Cabrera said he would not have surgery which would have ended his season yet again. “I’m done with surgery.” Cabrera said.

Fans and media got a first hand look at how Miguel would respond. Miggy went 3 for 4 on Tuesday with five RBI hitting as DH in the cleanup spot, one of his hits was a grand slam. By having  Cabrera in the DH spot on a regular basis will do good for him and the entire Detroit Tigers lineup.

This is good new for player and team. It gives hope that Cabrera will be able to fulfill the last few years of his contract, while still hitting at an elite level and helping the young Detroit prospects as they arrive from the minor leagues.

When a baseball player has a bad knee it is hard to get  drive when they hit. That means a lack of drive negates power.  “It’s sad,” he said. “Really sad. The last few days I was thinking about that. I mean, it’s sad because I like to be in the field ” Miguel Cabrera offered.

Miguel also said “But I’ve been battling this for the last three years. It’s something I’ve got to do.” Doctors told Cabrera that his knee has been deteriorating steadily the last five years.

From 2004 to 2106, Cabrera averaged 154 games a year. He played despite having a torn groin and broken foot in 2013 and 2014. The Detroit Tigers star also noted  that he played through an assortment of other minor injuries.

He offered advice to Detroit Tigers prospects from the lessons he has learned, “The only advice I can say to young kids, take care of your body and stay healthy,” he said. “When you have something, stop playing for a week and come back. Don’t play through pain, because you are going to pay the price later.”

Cabrera can still hit. Now perhaps he will have more drive in his swing with more time off his feet.

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